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your HR department

Most business owners find HR is the hardest part of their business to manage, which is why you should be partnering yourself with a good HR consultant.  As your HR consultant we are there whenever you need us - have an issue, give us a call; need some quick advice, give us a call; want to brain storm an idea, give us a call.

Think of us as your HR department.  We can assist with all areas of HR from recruitment, through to contracts and forms and advice on all HR issues, including disciplinary.  You no longer have to try and figure it out all on your own!

No matter the HR problem, give us a call!
We can provide regular support or just one-off.

We even work with business owners and managers to train them how to become better at leadership and HR management to help improve their internal culture, which in turn, reduces HR issues.

Our Services Include:

  • All HR advice and support

  • Disciplinary

  • Restructuring

  • Performance management

  • Employee reviews

  • Leadership training

  • Motivation and culture improvement

  • Skills testing - see skills testing

  • HR policies - see employment forms

  • Recruitment - see recruitment

Contact Lisa directly on her DDI 928 4277 or click on the red contact us button above to make an inquiry.

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