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finding you staff

We are passionate about finding and matching the right people to the right jobs and right companies, to ensure long lasting relationships.  It is so easy to get this wrong and often it is rushed because business owners are too busy running their businesses.

Here at Opt4, we can manage the entire process for you, so you don't have to worry about a thing.  Over the years we have fine-tuned our recruitment process as we know it is a tough market out there, and we need to find the best for our clients, and more often than not, quickly.  Most recruitment companies charge from 10% of annual salary as a fee; we charge 7%, which makes it affordable to any business.

We are experienced in recruitment for both white collar and blue collar jobs; and we may already have someone on our books, ready and waiting for you!

With our recruitment process, we conduct thorough candidate testing, including mental ability, aptitude and attitude and any particular skills that you may require.  You can be assured we won't just short list anyone for you - we make sure they fit your requirements, so we don't waste your precious time.

Call us today, free up your time and let us find and secure your staff for you at an affordable price! 
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Our recruitment services include:

  • Initial meeting to understand your business, the position and your needs

  • Write job advert and place in appropriate places and search applicable databases

  • Initial screening - this includes phone interviews, skills/aptitude testing, referee checking and physical interviews

  • Providing you with a short list of potential candidates

  • Three month placement guarantee

The Opt4 benefits:

  • Freeing up your time

  • Better chance of employing the right person in the time frame you require

  • Our skills and aptitude testing assures you are getting the right person

  • Our back-ground checks assure you that the work history they have provided is correct

  • We even complete pre-employment drug testing

  • This is what we do!

If you want more than your standard recruitment, such as assistance with job descriptions, employee reviews or HR forms, then check out employment forms.

You can contact Campbell on 577 9043 or click on the red contact us button above to make an inquiry.

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