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pre-employment testing that is a 'must-do'

Skills and aptitude testing (pre-employment testing) is a 'must-do' when looking to employ to ensure you are employing the right person.  Don't just trust your gut as pre-employment tests can really help you make better and more informed hiring decisions. 

Don't just take the word of your potential new staff member; test them to ensure they are at the skill level you require, have the personality to fit your culture and have the mental ability to learn the job. 

We will ensure we understand your requirements and the skills and attitude of the person you want to hire and we match the right tests to them.

We can even match the tests to a specific job and it will come back and tell us what skill level is required for that job and where their skills actually sit.

99.9% of our tests are done online, where the candidate can come to us or we email them a personalised link they can complete in their own time.  For more specialised testing, we conduct face to face, scenario based testing.

Ensure you know the skills of someone before you employ them.   
With our skills testing we can turn it around in one day!

Do you really need to do skills testing?

Don't you want to ensure that your candidate has the ability to undertake your role?  Surely, you are not just going to rely on what their CV says or what a referee tells you?  Make skills testing a mandatory part of your recruitment process.  It is quick and easy and we can get results within one day.  It is also a great way to quickly weed through your short list.

We even have clients use the skills testing to see where a new employee skills sit, so they know the areas of training they need to concentrate on first.  Or use skills testing to see where existing employee's skill set sits, to help you develop a training plan for them. We can even help make recommendations on this.  We are partnered with SassWorkshops, they offer a great range of training workshops and even offer them all as one-on-one training.

Our testing can include:

  • Personality profile

  • Variety of cognitive aptitude tests - logical thinking, problem solving, reasoning, learn new skills, think critically, memory, attention etc

  • Customer service aptitude

  • Sales aptitude

  • Mechanical aptitude

  • Accounting & bookkeeping skills

  • Workplace productivity profile

  • Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2016

  • Typing speed

  • Number data entry speed

  • Spelling and grammar

  • Computer literacy

We even recommend trying it out for  yourself or getting your staff to give it a whirl to give you a comparison.  Contact Lisa directly on her DDI 928 4277 or click on the red contact us button above to make an inquiry.

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