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Upskilling your knowledge & confidence

Startup Development Team

What is Work Ready?

Opt4 is primarily involved in the recruitment and casual labour force, therefore, we understand people both as employers and employees.  We specialise in finding people for jobs and understand what it takes to get a job.  We spend every day understanding what businesses want and then advertising for jobs, interviewing people and placing them.  We see on a daily basis the things that people get wrong that hold them back from getting jobs.

We want to help those who are struggling to find the confidence to apply for jobs, need help with interview techniques, or maybe need to retrain to move into different industries or jobs.

We offer a two day comprehensive back to basics, plus more, course offering a range of skills that generally people are missing to even get a job interview! Often it is the small things that are stopping people from getting jobs. We can help bridge the gap.

We have partnered ourselves with Sass Workshops that specialise in delivering a range of workshops from Microsoft courses, general computer courses, financial to HR courses.  With their workshops and training experience and our  HR and employing experience, we are well equipped to train people to be WORK READY!

We cover four main areas that most people lack confidence in to achieve their work goals


1. CV, Cover Letters and Interviews


2. Computer Skills - Email, General Computer & Microsoft Word


3. Communication and Verbal Skills


4. Work Ethics

Two Days - What You Learn

8 hours per day / lunch included / device included / certificate of achievement for each module

There is an opportunity for any individuals that display as hard workers with great work ethics, to gain casual employment with our agency in a paid role, and further opportunity based on performance in a role for a permanent position with company's direct.

Communication & Verbals Skills

We cover a range of topics discussing and including the following;

  • Re-discover your skills session

  • Goal setting

  • How to go about achieving your goals, ideas and discussion

  • Training - what are your options and how to go about this

  • Learn about good work ethics - what does this mean, what do employers expect from employees and what is good practice

  • Learn how to be a valuable employee and the benefits to you and your employer

CV's, Cover Letters & Interviews

In order to get in front of a prospective employer you need a great CV and customised letter plus the ability to showcase your skills and strengths.  We will cover:

  • Put together an amazing CV

  • Learn how to write covering letters and customise to the job - the do's and don'ts

  • Where and how to look for jobs to match your skill set

  • Interviews - How to sell the best version of you. What to say, how to say it, what to bring, what to wear...everything down to the details.

Computer, U & Me Basics


Are you struggling with the basics of using a computer?  Are you self-taught and really don’t know what you are doing?

Our Computer, U & Me is all about teaching you the foundations of general computer use.  You will learn the ins and outs of a Microsoft Windows based computer, basic trouble shooting and how to use the most common apps, internet etc.  Ideal for someone new to computers.


MS Word, U & Me Basics

Our MS Word, U & Me is exactly as it sounds.  It is just you and our trainer working with Microsoft Word.

We will answer your burning questions that relate to you and using Word. We will cover the basics of how to use and apply word to your everyday jobs.

No matter your level of Word, we can help you upskill.

This will also aid you in creating your CV and writing cover letters.

Microsoft Outlook & Email Management


This workshop is aimed at new or current users of Outlook/Email.  You will learn everything you need to confidently use Outlook and manage your emails, contacts, tasks and calendar.

We also cover tips on how to keep your emails under control and become more

efficient and organised.

This will also aid you in applying for jobs and replying to job application emails.

Graduation Handshake
Students Typing at Their Computers
Job Interview


Cost per person $998+GST for two day course

Minimum of two people and maximum of five people in course.  

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