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Top Benefits for Hiring Contract Labour (casual labour)

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Seasonal/Temp Help – Contingency Plan

From time to time businesses may have a special one-off project or need extra workers on a seasonal basis only (such as a winery at harvest time or a storeroom requiring an end of year stock take) or require help to cover staff on annual or sickness leave. We can be your contingency plan!! We can supply staff at short notice, you can hire contract labour for the duration of the event/season and separate easily afterwards. This keeps your business from having to keep up with additional payroll responsibilities during off-seasons/when staff levels are not required.

Save Money & Time

The hiring process, training and allowances associated with hiring employees can come with enormous costs. Many businesses do not have the resources to go through this process; hiring contract labour could be the answer! No need to hold tiring job interviews, advertise job vacancies or offer enticing employment packages. Let us find the right staff for you! It really is just a quick phone call to us and we do the rest.

Easy for You

One of the main benefits for using our contract labour is the ease of termination for you. If any contract labour staff do not fit in well with the company culture or is not performing to your satisfaction, then you can terminate by giving us a phone call, and if a replacement is required we can sort someone for you. Terminating a full-time, permanent employee involves warning processes, paying out leave and notice periods, exit interviews, HR management and can also lead to personal grievances.

All Inclusive Price

Our rates include ACC levies and holiday pay. You get one weekly invoice to pay on – easy as!!

If you would like to find out more about hiring casual Labour for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us 03 577 9043 or email info@opt4.co.nz

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