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Drug Testing - Saliva vs Urine

In NZ saliva testing is growing in demand, but urine is still the most common way of testing. However, pending the saliva testing currently undergoing a AS/NZ 4760 revision, which when released should implement robust screening requirements, bringing more inline with urine testing, this will change. Check out our chart below comparing the two, but really the main difference is the saliva testing is considered the 'real-time' screening for acute impairment, whereas urine is considered the 'historical' testing.

We believe we will see guidelines come through that will recommend urine is used for pre-employment and any reasonable cause or post incident if it is the day after, and saliva if day of reasonable cause and post incident.

If you are ever unsure, please feel free to discuss with any of our team. Campbell or Tamsin would love to help!

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